Merit Badge Counselor

The BSA requirements for registering as a Merit Badge Counselors (MBC) are:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Even if already registered in another position such as ASM, every counselor must be registered as a MBC by completing a BSA application, using #42 as the position code, no exceptions, (no fees charged).  Note:  Our council, SHAC only accepts ORIGINAL SIGNED BSA adult applications, no scanned copies allowed.
  • MBC who are re-registering need not complete a new application.
  • MBC is council or district position –thus troop leaders do not sign this application, District Advancement Chair signs.
  • Approval of MBC is the responsibility of District Advancement committee (SHAC has delegated this responsibility to the district)
  • Must complete MB Counselor information Form
  • Must be trained in YPT with current certificate –BEFORE working with the scouts.
  • If they have been trained as a MBC then they should submit a copy of their MBC trained card so we can make note of this in our database.

These forms (the BSA application, the MB Counselor Information form, a copy of the adult's YPT current certicate) should be turned in all together at Roundtable to the DE or to District Advancement Chair.  (Contact Sandy Troff directly to arrange a pick up or drop off if unable to come to district committee meeting or Roundtable.)

Information is reviewed and approved by District Advancement Chair.

Application is then turned in to SHAC to be officially registered as MBC.

MBC information is put in District Database.

Merit Badge Counselor Training

The training materials are available on-line from BSA and can be conducted, preferably by an adult who has taken the training.  While an individual could also download the materials and go through it individually they would not benefit from the inner-action with an experienced counselor conducting the training.   For convenience, it can be downloaded at:

The Essentials of Merit Badge Counseling

This PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes covers the required procedures for merit badge counseling, clarifies the role of counselors in the BSA advancement program, and discusses the appropriate approaches to use in working with Scouts. It is intended as an instructor-led presentation to counselors of any experience level and takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete.

SHAC does not currently require that a MB counselor have Merit Badge Counselor Orientation training, but it is strongly encouraged so as to help the individual properly guide the youth through the process.